If you find sub jobs are being accepted without you doing anything, it'll look like SubAssistant is accepting them automatically, but neither SubAssistant nor EasyAcceptâ„¢ will accept jobs automatically. Neither system is even programmed with this capability. What we've found is that some Android devices or third-party SMS apps will automatically follow (or "activate") the hyperlinks in SMS as soon as they're received. EasyAccept can't tell the difference between an automated process selecting the link or a human selecting the link so once the link is activated, EasyAccept begins the process of accepting the job.

Typically, this issue only occurs with text message notifications, so there's a couple things you can do. First, if you're using a third-party SMS app such as Handcent, WhatsApp, Go SMS Pro, or chompSMS, try uninstalling these and use the stock SMS app, if possible. Alternatively, you can disable SMS notifications from SubAssistant and use push notifications instead. Push notifications delivered via the SubAssistant app (available for Android and iOS) and are generally faster and more reliable than SMS notifications.