This article tracks the features, fixes, and known issues with each version of SubAssistant.  If you have an issue with SubAssistant, please check that you have the latest version of the app and then see if the issue is listed below as a known "issue". If your issue isn't listed, please contact us by opening a support ticket


Released: September 21, 2020

FIX: When selecting job notification, app opens to correct screen

UPDATE: Extended authentication time


Released: September 17, 2020

FIX: Expired (signed out) sessions are redirected to sign in

FIX: Bug that crashed notification-options section

FIX: Bug on accept page (web only)

FIX: Fixed Dashboard notification count


Released: August 10, 2020

FIX: Resolved error in create account process

FIX: Resolved error in dashboard subscription billing display

5.0.10-beta1 (first public beta)

Released: August 5, 2020

NEW: Website and mobile apps (Android and iOS) have a unified dashboard-based menu navigation and interface

NEW: View upcoming scheduled jobs and past jobs (all platforms)

NEW: If SubAssistant finds more than one available job at the same time, only one text message will be sent.

NEW: If SubAssistant finds more than one available job at the same time, only one push notification will be sent.

NEW: View job notes (all platforms)

NEW: Decline an available job (all platforms)

NEW: Browser notifications- push notification on your desktop/laptop computer for available jobs (web)

NEW: Job filters- filter out unwanted jobs by name, school, shift type (e.g. half or full day), or job position.

NEW: Send a test notification to all your enabled notification methods

NEW: Available jobs screen lists the school district in addition to the school site

NEW: View job location from available job listing

NEW: Three tiers of service: Basic (free), Plus and Premium

ISSUE: "Update card" button from subscription screen performs no action