No. SubAssistant is fully compliant with the user license agreement for Absence Management (formerly Aesop) and SubAssistant works with Frontline Education (makers of Absence Management) to ensure SubAssistant remains compliant. Specifically, there are two clauses of the user license agreement that usually cause concern. We address each below:

"User shall not employ any type of software, hardware, bots or any devices or methods of any kind which operate on behalf of User to automatically accept jobs within Aesop."

SubAssistant does not accept jobs automatically. SubAssistant will accept jobs on your behalf after you've confirmed interest in the job being offered; Frontline does not consider this "automatic". Another clause reads:

"User shall not use any software application or browser "plug-in to automatically or programmatically "refresh User's Aesop® connected web browser or otherwise access the Aesop® system more frequently than once per minute."

SubAssistant checks your account once per minute, which is also in compliance with the agreement.

Though SubAssistant is in compliance with the Absence Management license agreement and we comply with requests made by Frontline Education, your use of SubAssistant is at your own risk. Your employer may have a separate policy restricting the use of software like SubAssistant and compliance with these, or other policies, is your responsibility.