ATTENTION: If your district's SmartFindExpress system includes a CAPTCHA for login, SubAssistant cannot support your account 

If you're concerned about the number of assignments you are seeing from SubAssistant or you know other subs who are seeing jobs you're not, please keep in mind:

  • Your district can use SmartFindExpress to sorts subs using myriad of qualifiers, including certifications, specialties, preference lists, skills lists, and more. Because of this, not all subs see all the same assignments, or even see them at the same time.

  • Your placement on a preference list can cause you to not see a particular assignment, or see it hours or days after other subs.
  • SubAssistant Quiet Hours ranges you set are periods of time during which you will not be sent notifications. Check your account to ensure your ranges are set correctly.
  • Entering "unavailable" days in SmartFindExpress will prevent you from seeing assignments for that day
  • SmartFindExpress will not offer jobs to you for days on which you are already scheduled to work
  • You will only receive notifications for assignments at schools from which you or your SmartFindExpress administrator has approved.
  • Due to the Affordable Care Act (USA), many school districts are limiting their subs to 30 hours of work per week. These schools districts will set SmartFindExpress to not offer jobs to subs who are already scheduled for 30 hours of work for the week.
  • There are fewer absences, and therefore fewer sub jobs, around school vacations, breaks, and periods when standarized testing is occurring.

Also note, we've seen instances where jobs aren't offered to subs if there are clearances, certifications, or other required information that needs to be renewed or entered in the SmartFindExpress system, causing jobs to be withheld until the information is entered. If you have any concerns about your SmartFindExpress account, contact your organization's SmartFindExpress administrator or substitute coordinator to inquire about the status of your SmartFindExpress account.