To ensure you can receive text message notifications from SubAssistant, please review the requirements and suggestions below.

  • Ensure your mobile device is capable of receiving text messages and that your cell phone plan allows it
  • Check that the phone number you've entered on your SubAssistant account is correct and that text notifications are enabled
    • From the SubAssistant website, sign in and click on "Notification Options".
    • From the SubAssistant app for Android or iOS, visit the Notification Options section
  • Make sure your cell phone has good cellular coverage to ensure the text messages can be delivered to your phone without delay
  • Texts from SubAssistant can come from several phone numbers and can change at any time. For more information, please see: What phone numbers does SubAssistant use.
  • If you're using a Google Voice phone number to receive text messages, try temporarily using a different number that isn't attached to your Google Voice account.
  • If you are still not receiving text messages from SubAssistant, please check with your carrier to ask if they are blocking messages from "premium short codes".

As mobile networks have improved, we've all grown accustomed to messages arriving within a few minutes or even seconds; however,  SMS (text messaging) isn't built as an instant messaging service, and as such, carriers don't guarantee a speedy delivery. Once a text or email leaves our servers, we are unable to track it or guarantee its delivery. It is normal, from time to time, to not receive a text message. SMS is a "best effort" protocol and as such cell carriers don't guarantee the delivery of SMS messages