If you attempted to accept a job by using the web link in a text message or email notification and you saw the message that the "job is no longer available" (or similar message), but you later learned that the job was actually assigned to you. This can occur when the message you saw from SubAssistant was "stale", or in other words, from your most previous attempt to accept a job. 

When you attempt to accept a job using the weblink in email or text message notifications, the link you select opens the web browser on your device. Typically, when you open the web browser, the browser will display the last web page you were viewing when the browser was closed. If the last thing you viewed before you closed the browser was a message from SubAssistant that the job was not available (or similar) from a previous attempt to accept a job, then this is the first thing you will see when the browser opens. You may even see this message for a few seconds while your browser is busy fetching the new data at the link you just opened. It's important to wait and ensure that the message you're seeing in the browser is the most recent message that applies to your current attempt and not "stale" info from a previous attempt. Of course, if you're not sure if you got the job or not, you can always sign into your Absence Management to check your scheduled jobs.