There are many things to check if you are not receiving notifications.

  • Do you have a substitute account linked to SubAssistant? Without the information for your Aesop, SmartFindExpress, or SubFinder account, SubAssistant can't check your substitute account for jobs.
  • Check your Quiet Hours ranges. If you have any ranges set, be sure they are set for the times when you do not want to receive notifications. Learn more about Quiet Hours.
  • Is monitoring disabled for your sub account? Monitoring must be enabled to receive notifications. See: How to enable/disable monitoring.
  • Do you have notification options enabled? Check the Notification Options section of your account to see if email and/or text message notifications are enabled and the information is correct. For push (app) notifications, sign out of the app and sign in again to re-register for push notifications and check that you are signed into the correct account.

If the above does not apply, please see I’m not seeing many jobs from my sub account.