Recently, Frontline Education started moving all their products towards a unified interface which included introducing a new sign-on process for substitutes using Absence Management (formerly Aesop). The new process allows substitutes to define their own alphanumeric username and password instead of using a 10-digit user ID and 4-6 digit PIN. Some school districts have moved to new format, but many have not. If you haven't, there's nothing you need to do. You can learn more about the new Frontline Insights Platform interface here

At this time, Frontline Education does not allow SubAssistant to access Absence Management accounts with the new formats. Instead, SubAssistant must continue using the 10-digit user ID and 4-6 digit PIN. For SubAssistant users, this means you must enter your 10-digit phone number and your 4-6 digit phone access PIN when linking an Absence Management account with SubAssistant. Even though you cannot access your account using your old user ID and PIN anymore, SubAssistant still can.

If you cannot remember your phone PIN, you can have it emailed to you by completing this form