You attempt to accept a job from the SubAssistant app and, in return, receive an error message with a bunch of "code"-like text similar to below:

This usually occurs when your device is connected to a WiFi network with captive portal, such as a public or workplace WiFi, that requires you to open your web browser to view and accept an agreement, or enter credentials. In the "code", look for the text enclosed by tags that look like <title> (highlighted in the image above). This title may help you identify the system that is restricting your access.

To use SubAssistant on this WiFi network, you'll need to open a web browser and complete the connection process, usually each time you connect.. Alternatively, you can disconnect from the WiFi network in question and use your cellular broadband connection (e.g. 4G, LTE) to connect to the Internet. SubAssistant needs an unrestricted connection to the Internet, so it is best to not use a restricted network with a captive portal when using SubAssistant.