You can use the SubAssistant app to quickly see your upcoming scheduled job assignments and view jobs you worked in the past. 

This feature behaves differently between the Basic and Premium subscription plans

To view your scheduled and past job assignments

  1. Open the SubAssistant app or sign in to

From there, you can view details of each future job or past jobs. Additionally, you can add the job info to your calendar, view a map of the job assignment location (as set by your employer), and view notes associated with the job, if any.

SubAssistant Premium:  Your scheduled jobs are automatically fetched from your Absence Management account periodically. If you made a recent change (e.g. just accepted a job) it may take up to one minute before the new data is available in the app. Swipe down on the screen to refresh the data.

SubAssistant Basic: Your scheduled job info is fetched manually. Swipe down on the screen or tap the refresh button to fetch the latest data from your Absence Management account.