We certainly understand the need to receive notifications instantly. Our goal is that you receive the notification within seconds of SubAssistant detecting a new, available job offer. We build our application and connections with our providers to be as quick and efficient as possible. With that said, there are some factors that are out of our control. For example, once an email or text notification leaves our servers, we cannot control its delivery.

Here's a few things that could affect timely delivery:

  1. Timezones
  2. Email fetching
  3. Cellular coverage
  4. Data coverage
  5. Data/battery saver

If you're comparing time stamps between the website and your messages, please note that SubAssistant is based in the Pacific time zone, so a lot of the times SubAssistant lists are listed as Pacific. If you are comparing the time you receive the notification to the time that's shown on the "Recently Listed Jobs" list on your SubAssistant Account Info page, be aware that the time shown could be listed as Pacific. SubAssistant will attempt to automatically detect your local time zone, but if that fails, it'll list the time as Pacific. Also, depending on your email client, since email is sent from servers that reside in the Pacific time zone, it may list the time the email was sent in Pacific, without taking your time zone into account.

Email fetching
If you use a mobile device with your email account, it is best to use configure push messaging for your email application. Some email applications are set up, by default, to check periodically every 15 minutes or longer. Push messaging (or syncing) enables your phone to receive nearly instantaneous notifications of new email. Refer to your email application’s help documentation for more information.

Cellular coverage
If you are using your cell phone to receive text message notifications, make sure your cell phone has good cellular coverage to ensure the text messages can be delivered to your phone without delay. 

Data Coverage

If you're using the SubAssistant app, in addition to a strong cellular connection, your smartphone must also have a data connection. Your signal strength indicator should say "3G", "4G", "LTE" or something similar. 

Data/battery saver

Many smartphones have an option to turn on a "battery saver" or "data saver". These options greatly affect the operation of the SubAssistant app and timely push notifications. Avoid using these options when you need timely notifications.

SubAssistant offers email, text message, and push notifications. We encourage you to try all three types of notifications to see which one works best for you. If possible, use the SubAssistant app for Android or iPhone. Generally, push notifications from the app are the fastest, most reliable method of notification.