If you subscribed using a credit/debit card without PayPal:

  1. Sign in to your SubAssistant account
  2. Go to the Billing section of your account
    On mobile devices, tap MENU first, Account, and then Billing
  3. Select the Add new payment method button
  4. Complete all fields, entering data exactly as it appears on your card
  5. Select the Update button

If you subscribed using PayPal, your billing information is kept within your PayPal account, so to update or make any changes to your billing information, you will need to do it within your PayPal account. For instructions on how to change your billing information for your SubAssistant subscription, see the How do I change the way I pay for a recurring payment, subscription, automatic billing, or installment plan and How do I update a debit or credit card help topics in PayPal’s Help Center.