SubAssistant can send three types of notifications: text, email, and push (a.k.a. app notifications). You can choose to use a combination of any or all of these methods, though we recommend using only one. You can configure one email address and/or one phone number to receive notifications. The SubAssistant app, available for Android and iOS can be used to receive notifications on as many devices as you need. The phones you use to receive text and app notifications can be different phones. Each notification method will also allow you to use EasyAccept.

To update your notification preferences,
from the website:
  1. Sign in to your SubAssistant account
  2. Click on the Notification Options link found in the right sidebar
  3. Click the slider to enable the option, enter your email address or phone number, and then click save.
or from the app:
  1. Open and sign in to the SubAssistant app
  2. Tap Settings (for Android, open the menu first)
  3. Modify the notification options as desired, be sure to turn on the option you want to use (in the iOS app, tap save when you're done)