You can use the Quiet Hours feature of your SubAssistant account to set ranges of time for when you do not want to be bothered by job notifications. During the ranges of time you set, SubAssistant will not send you job notifications. If there are still jobs available on your substitute account when a Quiet Hour range ends, you'll receive notifications at that time (e.g. if a job is posted at 4:30 AM which is during a range you've set, but the range ends at 5:00 AM, if that job is still available at 5:00 AM, you'll receive a notification at that time).

SubAssistant website

  1. From the SubAssistant website, sign into your SubAssistant account, hover your mouse over the "Account" menu, then select Quiet Hours.
  2. Click the Add Quiet Hours Range button
  3. Use the sliders to select your start and end time, and then click save
  4. To remove a range, click the blue "cross" icon to the left of the range you want to remove

Android app

  1. Using the Android app, open the menu and then select Quiet Hours
  2. Tap the clock icon in the top-right to set your timezone before adding ranges
  3. Tap the plus icon to add a range, and then choose your start and end time paying careful attention to the AM and PM designation
  4. To remove a range, tap the x button to the right of the range you want to remove

iOS app

  1. Using the iOS app, select the Settings section, then select Quiet Hours
  2. Select your timezone, and then select save before adding ranges
  3. Tap Add Quiet Hour... to add a new range
  4. Tap the field you want to edit (start time, end time), then use the dial to select the time
  5. Tap Done when you've selected the desired times
  6. Tap Save
  7. To remove a range, swipe the range you want to remove to the left, then tap delete

The Quiet Hours feature is still in beta. If you notice any issues while using it, please let us know!

Note: During quiet hours, your SubAssistant account will not store information on jobs. It won't be possible to see information about jobs you missed during quiet hours.