It's important to note that SubAssistant doesn't offer job assignments to you, only Absence Management can do that, so the decision of which jobs to offer you depends on the behavior o the Absence Management system. SubAssistant simply notifies you of assignments that are being offered to you on your Absence Management account. Generally, Absence Management will not offer assignments to you on days for which you are already scheduled to work, therefore, SubAssistant cannot send notifications for assignments for days you're scheduled to work. We've seen cases where Absence Management will continue to offer assignments on days you're already scheduled to work, so we recommend that you are still aware of your schedule when accepting jobs. Also, please note that this doesn't apply if you have more than one single-district Absence Management account linked to SubAssistant. Each Absence Management account only refers to its own scheduled jobs and doesn't consider the schedule of other Absence Management accounts that belong to you.