Sometimes things get out-of-sync between the app on your device and the SubAssistant system which can cause issues with app lockups, sign in/out, and data inconsistencies. Try the troubleshooting steps below, in order, to resolve the issue proceeding to the next step if the previous one did not resolve the issue. 

Step 1) Sign out and sign in again

If the app isn't responding the way you expect, first sign out of the app and then sign in again. To sign out, go to the Dashboard, then select SIGN OUT at the bottom. Once signed out, select the button to sign in

Sometimes, an issue with the app will prevent you from being able to sign out. If this is the case, proceed to step 2.

Step  2) Force close the app

The action of closing the app by pressing the home button or going back to your home screen actually suspends the app in its current state and doesn't fully close the process running it. To "force close" an app, follow the instructions for your type of phone:

Step 3) Delete/Remove the app and install it again

Hopefully you won't need to do this, but if all else fails, you can completely remove the app from your phone and install a fresh copy. All your SubAssistant data is stored online, so you won't lose anything by doing this.

Once the app is gone, install it again from the Google Play or Apple App Store. If you're on your phone now, select this link to open SubAssistant in the store. Otherwise, just search for "subassistant" and look for the app with the red icon. Once installed again, sign into the app using your existing SubAssistant account. 

Step 4) Contact SubAssistant support

If the previous steps did not resolve the issue, please contact our support team. In your message, please note that you've followed these troubleshooting steps and also detail the issue you're experiencing, including the text of any error messages you receive.